Many Great Features with More Added Weekly

Individually each of our software solutions fetches from $40-$300 a month with our competitors. We took a different approach and aim to build an all-in-one software system for Amazon Sellers. From getting more reviews, advertising management for Amazon PPC, to handling the backend of your Amazon business providing you a daily profit snapshot for your Amazon selling business as well as a way to export your Amazon settlement reports to your bookkeeping system of your choice.


We are constantly adding more features and poll our users what to work on next

  • Analyze your Returns

    Visually see the disposition of your returns and track the return pipeline and keep Amazon honest on reimbursements.

  • Rule Based PPC Management

    You set the PPC rules, we do the work. This way you know exactly know what our system is doing.

  • Schedule your Ads - Day Parting

    Avoid wasteful PPC spending by turning ads on and off based on day and time.

  • Know Where you Stand

    See your sales metrics and fees by Parent or SKU - Organic vs PPC vs Promo Sales - ROI - Unsellable Return Rates - Storage Fees - Selling Fees

  • Sync up with Xero Accounting Software or Quickbooks Desktop

    Use our profit dashboard, but export your Amazon Settlements directly to Xero with a click of a button.

  • Get More Reviews Positive Reviews - and Limit Returns

    Automated feedback request emails help you get more reviews. We track read rates of the emails you send so you can split test subject lines. Our system will not request reviews from people who have left a negative seller feedback or initiated a return.

    Setup an automated email when customers initiate a return in order to save your sale.

  • Track Returns Due to Delays in Shipping

    Potentially ask Amazon for reimbursements for late shipments

Analyze your Returns

Rule Based PPC Management

Know Where you Stand Financially

Sync up with Xero Accounting Software or Quickbooks Desktop

Get More Reviews

Track Returns Due to Delays in Shipping

Sponsored Campaign Management Rules for Amazon PPC

My Profit allows you to set rules around changing bids andpausing or negativing out keywords based on performance metrics such as ACOS, cost, sales, and more. Watch the video to see how the process works.

  • Control your PPC - Rule based Sponsored Campaign Management means you have complete control on how your strategy is executed.

  • Save Money and Increase Sales - Graphically see your rules in action and the resulting performance boost. Tweak your rules to your desired goal whether it is increasing sales or lowering your ACOS

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Below is a list of commonly asked questions. If a question is not covered, feel free to reach out to us!

My Profit was built originally by its founder for his own Amazon business. The additional cost of adding new users is negligible considering most sellers do not have a significant sales volume. The $19.99/month cost goes toward server costs and adding of new features.

We protect customer data as if it was our own because our own data is on the servers. This means we use bank level security protection and 128-bit data encryption. All passwords and API keys are further protected and encrypted so that they are useless in the unlikely case our database is infiltrated. We never see your credit card information as all of our credit card processing is handled by Stripe. This allows us to be 100% PCI compliant as your credit card information never hits our servers.

No credit card required to start the 30 day `trial. Cancel at anytime with just 1 click from within your profile. You will still be allowed to use the service through the end of the full trial and not be charged.

No, previously was an 8 figure seller that have since sold.

Right now we support Amazon USA, Canada, Mexico, U.K, and the EU

We are constantly adding features and making improvements and aim to be a 1 stop shop for Amazon sellers software needs.

My Profit Amazon Seller Plan



    Per Month
    • Sponsored Campaign Management System for Amazon PPC
    • Automated Feedback and Review Requests
    • Automated Emails to Customers Starting the Return Process
    • Sync with Xero Accounting Software
    • Profit Dashboard
    • Export to Quickbooks
    • Find Potential Reimbursements from Amazon
    • Limited to 35,000 Orders a Month
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